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Octobver 23, 2019

All those pictures on Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens, Tumblr and similar sites make the results of kitchen renovation projects look so easy. Well, some of these images may be what many of us desire our kitchens to look like, but they are often far from being easy or inexpensive. This is because a botched kitchen remodel can quickly eat into your entire home renovation budget. To help you get it right the first time here five of the most common mistakes people make when starting a kitchen remodel—and what you can do to avoid them.

·        Not thinking about workflow: Of course we desire our kitchens to be attractive but at the end of the day they must also be functional. A poor workflow can leave your kitchen in chaos. Additionally, your cooker, sink fridge, etc should be no more than three feet apart so that meal preparation is easy.

·        Too much stainless steel: Too much stainless steel can make your kitchen look like a morgue. Rather than being surrounded by a sea of stainless steel items in your kitchen, you can soften its look by decorating it with practical and attractive items such as a mobile kitchen island cart breakfast table, a natural wood finish kitchen island with marble top and other items that will make your kitchen look cozier and less sterile.

·        Underestimating how much storage you’ll need: There’s a saying that you can never have too much kitchen storage space. Well, this is true. However, you can easily have too little storage room. That is why you should calculate how much space you will need and then add to that kitchen furnishing that can be used as storage devices such as our brown kitchen island storage cart with wood top and casters.

·        Choosing the wrong contractors: Many people decide to go the DIY route when it comes to remodeling their kitchens. However, those who choose to hire professionals should be cautious and always check the references and background of the people they hire to handle their remodel project. Also, check the paperwork of the contractors you hire to see if they have the licenses required and the insurance to do the work. Not doing so may cause you to expend more money than you desire and/or to end up with results that are not to your liking.

·        Making changes after the work begins: If you are using a contractor, then making changes once the work begins can become quite costly. Thus, you should always be specific when it comes to planning the layout of your kitchen. Moreover, you should check the progress of the work being done on your kitchen at every point up until the project is completed. This will help you avoid cost overruns.

In short, by avoiding these mistakes you can save yourself additional stress and frustration. Moreover, by avoiding these mistakes you will come closer to having your dream kitchen. We can help you with your home remodel project with products such as our farmhouse kitchen decor and our high end dinnerware. 

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