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Bruhls opened April of this year. We have been very fortunate to be working with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers through a very long selection process. 

Bruhls was created to offer something better than the average product you find on the market. Quality, hand selected items are what Bruhls is about. It’s not about the cheaply made products inundating our marketplace these days. Bruhls is all about offering competitively priced "quality" Home, Garden & Decor products that will last for years to come.

For example just to name a few categories, our furniture, rugs and farmhouse products are of the highest quality designed to last for years. Our barstools, pub tables are restaurant/commercial grade. Custom Metal Art is the best available and offers personalization and designs found nowhere else. We pride ourselves on the selection of products we offerr so each of our customers are satified and those products last for years to come with no issues. 

My goal is for Bruhls to become your "go to" choice when shopping for Home, Garden and Décor products. In addition, my blog will offer insights into several of the products offered as well as other informative features. 

Please Search, Shop and Save here. If you would like to have your products advertised and sold on Bruhls, please drop me an email. I am open to many different products from all vendors, DIY'ers, Mom & Pop shops if the product is unique, of high quality, and shipping times meet acceptable consumer criteria. If interested, contact us

 Chris Middleton - President
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