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Bruhls opened April 2019 and we have been very fortunate to be working with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers through a very long selection process. 

Bruhls was created to offer something better than the average product you find on the market. Quality, hand selected items are what Bruhls is about. It’s not about the cheaply made products inundating our marketplace these days. Bruhls is about offering competitively priced " High Quality"

Custom "Made To Order" Metal Art
Unique Wall Art
Beautiful and Durable Wall Clocks 
NCAA & NHL Mirrors & Signs 

These products will last for years to come and add a signature message to all decor styles.

Our custom Metal Art is second to none offering the best quality and pricing available while offering custom personalization and designs found nowhere else. 
Our Wall Art includes Wood, Tin, Metal and Linen Art signs created by artists from all over the world. 
Our Wall Clock selection offers something for every tast, pendulum, indoor, outdoor and beautiful decor. 
Our NCAA & University Mirrors & Signs are the real deal consisting of branded logos and information. These are the authentic version and not knockoffs.

We pride ourselves on the selection of products we offer so each of our customers are satisfied and the products will last for years to come. The goal is for Bruhls to become your "go to" choice when shopping for any of these products. 

Please Search, Shop and Save here. If you would like to have your products advertised and sold on Bruhls, please drop me an email. I am open to new & unique products from all vendors including DIY'ers, Mom & Pop shops if the product is unique, high quality, and shipping times meet acceptable consumer criteria. If interested, contact us

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